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Kathie M. Thomas has been married to Graham for over 15 years, and is mother to 5 wonderful daughters, 2 of whom are stepdaughters. The girls have grown up together as one family. The family live in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Graham and Kathie are members of Bayside Church and have been attending since April 2005. Prior to that they were members of the Heatherton Christian Resource Centre for almost 10 years and were in roles of leadership.

She is a published author of 4 ebooks, 2 self-published printed books, many magazine articles, both for business and Christian magazines, and has several articles in printed books by other writers.

Kathie discovered a love for writing as a small child in school and that has taken many forms: poetry, songs, articles, stories, and 'how-to' books. Her latest book is a biography centred around the Proverbs 31 Woman theme.

Kathie is available for article writing on business and Christian topics on request.


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Welcome to all my new readers via various newsletters and articles relating to Proverbs 31 Woman.

I have a site promoting my new book called Worth More Than Rubies: The Value of a Work At Home Mum and I invite you to visit that site, leave comments or just soak up the information there.


Mary and Martha (new blog)
Proverbs 31 Woman
Virtual Assistant - THE Blog
Workplace Ministry

More can be seen on the blogs page linked on this site.

Sample Articles

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The Guilt Barrier
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FaithWriters.com (link to many of my articles)
FaithWriters Magazine

Some Business Articles here and Exceleste.com

My News

I was privileged to be asked to be interviewed for Business Mums Magazine which you can purchase here.


  • Nominee for the Australian of the Year Awards 2008
  • Founder of the Virtual Assistant Industry in Australia
  • Multi-Award Winner in small and home based business categories
  • Regular article contributor for Australia's Small Business & Home Based Income Magazine
  • Published articles in many magazines and some business books since 1980's, including:
    • New Day International,
    • Today's Woman,
    • New Idea,
    • A Patchwork of Poetry (Mowbray Publishing),
    • and many online publications.
  • SightMagazine: Several articles, 2007
  • "Our Father Loves Us" Journey, Women of Passions Magazine, 2007
  • Articles at the ChristieB TV show website.

Contact me:

Kathie M. Thomas, AFAIOP, MVA, ASO
PO Box 2918, Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia, 3192
Ph: 613 9585 5780
Fax: 613 9585 3785
Email: kathie@vadirectory.net


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